Eric Drass on presenting Artificial Intelligence

Eric Drass on presenting artificial intelligence
Eric Drass on presenting Artificial Intelligence to children, creativity to middle management and your ideas to ChatGPT.

In the latest installment of Speakery Notes, I had the privilege of chatting with Eric Drass, an artist renowned for blending traditional artistry with the avant-garde realm of artificial intelligence. Our discourse ventured into the realms of AI, art, the evolving role of studio assistants, and the universal accessibility of ChatGPT for spirited debates.

Navigating the ubiquitous landscape of AI discussions, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn, can often feel like an echo chamber of expertise. With a plethora of keynotes and presentations on artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, and Midjourney, distinguishing genuine knowledge from mere noise becomes crucial. To cut through that noise and nonsense, I sought the insights of a true master in the field, Eric Drass, whose hands-on experience with AI transcends the superficial chatter.

Eric Drass, an eclectic artist, explores a myriad of mediums ranging from the stroke of the brush to the electronic music, and the intricate algorithms of machine-learning AI art. His work delves into profound themes such as identity, consciousness, and the philosophical nuances borne from the intertwining of artificial intelligence, big data, and human-machine symbiosis. Drass embraces every opportunity to articulate his thoughts on these topics, enriching the discourse with his unique perspective.

Recently, Drass graced The Royal Institute’s Christmas Lecture, captivating a youthful audience with the wonders of AI art. His expertise is not confined to the artistic sphere alone, as evidenced by his engaging talks titled ‘AI WTF?’ and ‘The Truth, Post-Truth & Nothing Like The Truth’. For those seeking to immerse their audiences in the profundity and spectacle of AI, booking Eric Drass is a decision par excellence. His presence promises to elevate any event, leaving audiences both enlightened and thoroughly captivated.

⁠⁠So book him now⁠⁠. He’s incredible. Your audiences will adore him.