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speaker training for businesses, SMALL groups and startups

At a time when effective communication has never been more critical for businesses, my speaker training sessions for groups are the perfect solution for companies looking to improve their teams' presentation skills.

Through engaging and interactive sessions, my approach focuses on empowering individuals to craft and deliver dynamic and impactful presentations that grab and hold their audience's attention.

From delivering clear and concise messages to engaging with listeners and managing difficult questions, my sessions equip participants with the skills and confidence they need to excel in high-pressure situations.

But it's not just about the technical aspects of presenting - my sessions also cover the psychological aspects of public speaking, helping participants overcome their fears and anxiety to deliver presentations with confidence and poise.

Businesses that have already booked my group speaker training sessions.

Marketing and advertising firms
Public relations firms
Business consulting firms
Football Clubs
Brands and E-Commerce platforms

Financial institutions
Media, event and entertainment firms
Non-profit organisations
Local government organisations
Educational institutions
Startups and incubators 


Training English presentations for non-native speakers.
Group sessions for corporate speaking and media training.
Public speaking, presentation and general communication skills.
Persuasive speaking and overcoming stage fright.
Storytelling, writing and producing pitch-winning presentations.
Improving vocal delivery and captivating an audience.
Engaging presentation skills and public speaking with impact.

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Whether you're a small business looking to improve the communication skills of your team, a startup looking to win over the hearts and money of investors or a larger organisation in need of a comprehensive presentation skills training program, the Speakery Method group sessions are the perfect fit. So, book a free consultation with me today and discover how I can help your teams deliver powerful and engaging presentations with confidence and charisma. Select an available slot in the calendar below to book your free Speakery consultation.