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Improve, challenge, and bar-raise existing presentations, pitches and keynotes

The Bar-Raising Sessions

You know the importance of making a strong presentation to sell your ideas and win over your audience. But how do you ensure that your presentation is on point, makes sense, and effectively sells your ideas? You book a Speakery bar-raising session, that's how.

These sessions provide a valuable opportunity for you to review and refine your presentation before delivering it to your audience. I'll give you feedback on your presentation's structure, flow, and content, ensuring that it hits all the right notes and leaves a lasting impression. I'll challenge the ideas too and ensure that your storyline has a beginning, middle, and end. And then, together, we craft a more robust, more effective presentation.

Who should consider booking a bar-raising session?

  1. Book authors and publishers
  2. Sales executives, account and marketing managers
  3. Event organisers who want to help their speaker roster impress their audience
  4. Business development executives or management consultants who are looking to find new ways to impress old clients
  5. Entrepreneurs and startup founders looking to impress investors
  6. Keynote speakers looking to book bigger gigs

Not only do the Bar Raising sessions help you identify areas for improvement in your presentation, but they also give you a set of tools and a methodology for writing, structuring and building better presentations in the future.

Book a free consultation

The Speakery bar-raising sessions can help sharpen up your messaging and help you hit your targets. So book a free consultation with me today and discover how I can help your teams deliver powerful and engaging presentations with confidence and charisma. Select an available slot in the calendar below to book your free Speakery consultation.

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