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Learn how to structure and create compelling presentations from scratch. 

Speakery structuring sessions. 

Are you tired of giving the same old presentations over and over again? Do you struggle to turn your ideas into engaging and compelling presentations? If so, then my speakery structuring sessions are exactly what you need.

A storyteller's approach. 

My approach helps business professionals structure their ideas and create brand-new presentations from scratch. From developing a compelling narrative and organising your content to crafting dynamic visuals and engaging with your audience, my sessions provide the tools and techniques you need to create presentations that truly stand out.

But it's not just about creating presentations - my sessions also focus on helping you develop a unique and authentic speaking style that reflects your brand and resonates with your audience. Whether you're looking to improve your existing presentations or create brand new ones from scratch, my speaker structuring sessions will provide you with the skills, structure and story as well as the confidence you need to succeed.

Speakery Speaker Training with Marcus John Henry Brown

What you will learn in the structuring sessions

  1. How to develop a compelling narrative for your presentation
  2. How to organise and structure your content for maximum impact
  3. How to plan and craft dynamic and engaging visuals
  4. How to use storytelling techniques to connect with your audience
  5. How to create a cutting-edge presentation or pitch that grabs and holds the attention of your audience and truly stands out from the competition.

The Speakery Presentation Canvas

The Speakery Presentation Canvas

It takes more than just good posture, timing and pretty slides to pull off a great presentation. It takes planning, pratcise and hard work. I am convinced that I can help anyone thrive in front of an audience as long as they have the tools, process and framework in place, and so I've developed a simple canvas to help kick-start any presentation. 

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Whether you're a small business looking to improve the communication skills of your team, a startup looking to win over the hearts and money of investors or a larger organisation in need of a comprehensive presentation skills training program, the Speakery Method structuring sessions can help sharpen up your messaging. So book a free consultation with me today and discover how I can help your teams deliver powerful and engaging presentations with confidence and charisma. Select an available slot in the calendar below to book your free Speakery consultation.

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