Louisa Heinrich on leading with a keynote, being useful and not being dead yet

Louisa Henirch on the Speakery Notes Podcast

Louisa Heinrich is the founder and Chief Consultant at Superhuman. As you will hear, she endeavours to put technology in the service of people. Louisa has been chipping away at the fuzzy grey coalface of technology for the past twenty-seven years. Last year, she returned to the speaker circuit with her remarkable new keynote called “Not Dead Yet“. Because, thankfully, she isn’t. She’s wickedly wonderful, immensely talented, and on the podcast!

In this episode, Louisa shares her presentation tips and tricks, how she uses conferences as a workshop for ideas and what it was like to finally stage in front of an audience after years of being away from the stage.

Her new keynote, “Not dead yet“, is powerful, insightful and highly relevant for individuals and organisations.