Presento Mori - Nine presentation principles that could save your life

Presento Mori - the new keynote by Marcus John Henry Brown.

It's the night before that big presentation, and you can't get to sleep. You're worried. Have you prepared your slides properly? Is the storyline on point? Will you make a fool of yourself? Will they see that you're a corporate impostor? Why do you constantly worry so much about presenting? Why does this always happen the night before you pitch?

Sound familiar?

Well, here's the good news: it doesn't have to be like that. No, anyone can get a good night's sleep, deliver a brilliant presentation, control their impostor syndrome, and get a grip on their Glossophobia, and Presento Mori shows you how. 

Nine presentation principles that could save your life.

One June night, the performance artist Marcus John Henry Brown was rushed into the hospital with severe chest pains. It was a warning shot that forced him to reconsider the way he was living and what had caused the stress that put him in the hospital in the first place: a PowerPoint presentation. What started out as a warning shot turned into nine presentation principles and a brand new keynote for your corporate event, all hands or conference. 

Lessons for you, your business, your audience and your event

Presento Mori - Nine Presentation Principles that could save you life - Marcus John Henry Brown

Presento Mori - Solutions 2023 - photo credit: Tim Hard Media

Presento Mori explores the lessons, the failures and the triumphs that put Marcus in that hospital bed. In this brand-new keynote, Marcus reveals the nine principles that have kept him out of the hospital, and kept him happy, successful, and helping business folks from all sectors thrive in front of all kinds of audiences. 

Covering everything from imposter syndrome, stage fright, the creative

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The 10 minute preview version of Presento Mori

A fun, positive keynote for troubled times and minds

Presento Mori isn't a keynote about death - it's about life, getting stuff done, thriving and finding more effective ways of conquering the hardest soft skill that no one bothered to teach us: presenting. It's funny, emotional, urgent and packed with anecdotes, facts, as well as tips and tricks for anyone who's looking to get good at presenting and living a happy life.

Presento Mori - Nine Presentation Principles that could save your life - Marcus John Henry Brown

Presento Mori - Solutions 2023 - photo credit: Tim Hard Media

Keynote key Facts for your corporate event or conference

  • Duration: There are 17, 30 and 45-minute versions of Presento Mori available for booking.
  • Q&A: 30 mins.
  • Availability: Live, Virtual or Hybrid.
  • Languages: English and German.
Presento Mori - 9 principles that could save your life

Photo credit: Gregor Fischer/re:publica

The Nine Presentation Principles

  1. Ditch your ego. Become audience-obsessed.
  2. Get fit. Stay fit.
  3. Tell simple stories.
  4. Don’t cut corners. Do the work.
  5. Get to the point.
  6. Aim to win without fear of failure.
  7. Prioritise practise.
  8. Embrace authenticity.
  9. Presento Mori - your next presentation could be your last.

Themes covered by the new keynote

  • Corporate learning, new work, discipline and focus for busy people.
  • Mindset, well-being, confidence building and mental health.
  • Storytelling, presenting skills, boosting creativity.

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