Private Speaker Training Session with Marcus John Henry Brown

Private Speaker Training Sessions In Munich

As a professional speaker trainer, I have helped countless business professionals, book authors, academics, politicians, and keynote speakers improve their presentation skills and captivate their audiences. My private training sessions are intimate and tailored to meet your needs and goals, providing personalised feedback and guidance to help you deliver powerful and engaging presentations.

Whether you're looking to overcome stage fright, improve your storytelling skills, or simply refine your delivery, my training sessions offer a unique and effective presentation approach. With over 25 years of experience in presenting, pitching and performing in front of large audiences, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you take your presentations to the next level.

Areas of Expertise

  • Training English presentations for non-native speakers
  • Public speaking, presentation and general communication skills
  • Persuasive speaking and overcoming stage fright
  • Storytelling, writing and producing pitch-winning presentations
  • Improving vocal delivery and captivating an audience
  • Engaging presentation skills and public speaking with impact

Who should book a 1-to-1 speaker training?

  1. Business professionals looking to improve their public speaking skills for meetings, presentations, and pitches.
  2. Book authors are looking to enhance their presentation skills for book tours, speaking engagements, and book signings.
  3. Keynote speakers looking to captivate their audience and deliver memorable presentations and book bigger speaking gigs.
  4. Team leaders looking to improve the presentation skills of their team members.
  5. Entrepreneurs looking to improve their pitch and presentation skills for investors and potential customers.
  6. Non-profit leaders looking to enhance their fundraising abilities through powerful presentations.
  7. Sales professionals looking to improve their presentation skills for sales meetings and pitches.
  8. Educators looking to improve their classroom presentation skills and engage their students.
  9. Anyone looking to overcome their fear of public speaking and deliver confident and engaging presentations.

Virtual Speaker Training Sessions

Speakery Virtual Speaker Training

My private speaker training sessions are available online too, and offer a convenient and effective solution for those of you who might not be able to travel to Munich.

Book a free consultation

Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your presentation skills and make a lasting impact on your audience. So book a free consultation with me today and discover how my Speakery method can help you deliver powerful and engaging presentations with confidence and charisma. Just select an available slot in the calendar below to book your free Speakery consultation.

The Speakery Presentation Canvas

The Speakery Presentation Canvas

It takes more than just good posture, timing and pretty slides to pull off a great presentation. It takes planning, pratcise and hard work. I am convinced that I can help anyone thrive in front of an audience as long as they have the tools, process and framework in place, and so I've developed a simple canvas to help kick-start any presentation. 

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