Speakery notes Episode 1 - Julia Hobsbawm

Here it is—my very own podcast -Speakery Notes. I've been quietly working away on this. Having listened to what I've recorded so far, I can tell you this much: I'm not the best podcaster in the world, but I do have remarkably clever guests.

The plan was to release them all in one go, but the perfectionist in me got in the way, and I was in danger of not publishing any at all, and so I've decided to release them as and when I think the Internet needs them. The Internet needs my first guest right now.

Julia Hobsbawm is a remarkable person. She's recently published The Simplicity Principle, Six Steps Towards Clarity in a Complex World, is the founder of Editorial Intelligence and Names Not Numbers, my favourite ever event. She's one of my favourite people. I adore her.

We talked about her approach to writing and performing keynotes, touched briefly on her TED and TEDx experiences, ZOOM fatigue, nerves, smelling the room and creating authentic and meaningful events.

I very much hope you enjoy episode 1.

Ta- ta!