Tamar Broadbent on corporate improvisation, hosting events and conferences and focusing on joy.

Speaker Notes with Tamar Broadbent

When I first met Tamar Broadbent, I was blown away by her energy and obvious love of the stage. She just loves being there, delighting audiences and guiding them through a show.

Throughout this podcast, you’ll hear her talk about JOY, excitement, passion and happiness – things that we both agree tend to be missing in corporate events and presentations.

She is a writer, performer and musician. She has written and toured multiple comedy and theatre shows across Europe, North America and Australia, has written for BBC Radio 4 and was a main stage cast member at the renowned improv theatre Boom Chicago in Amsterdam.

In the corporate world, she is a charming, funny and versatile MC who can sing improvised songs about winners of company awards or chair talk-show-style meetings to be broadcast across the globe.

She has hosted everything from in-house partner conferences to large-scale forums like the Nordic Business Forum.

She’s an absolute delight to work with. Her insights into the world of hosting conferences and events, as well as her take on improvisation and presenting, are gold.

I highly recommend that you book her if you’re looking for a speaker coach or host for your event. Book her. She’s aces.