The Speakery Method Keynote

The Speakery Method Keynote

It's the night before that big presentation, and you can't get to sleep. You're worried. Have you prepared your slides properly? Is the storyline on point? Will you make a fool of yourself? Why do you constantly worry so much about presenting? Why does this always happen the night before you pitch?

Sound familiar? Well, here's the good news: it doesn't have to be like that. No, you can get a good night's sleep and deliver a brilliant presentation. 

This Speakery Method keynote is a 45-minute deep dive into the dark art of post-pandemic public speaking. Based on The Speakery Manifesto, The Speakery Method builds on The Speakery Presentation Canvas and is the presentation for individuals and teams who want write better presentations, rid themselves of imposter syndrome, get a grip on their stage fright and become more confident on stage. Want to win more pitches, have your management team give standout presentations or maybe get bigger keynote speaker gigs? Want to get a good night's sleep before you give your presentation? Well, book The Speakery Method.

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Q&A: 30 mins
  • Optional Speakery Workshop: 90 minutes
  • Availability: Live, Virtual or Hybrid.


The Speakery Method keynote can be tailored to meet the needs of your business, teams, conference or event. A 90-minute speaker training workshop can also be booked to complement the keynote. Please feel free to book a complementary chemistry meeting to find out more.