Timo Peach on sonic experiences, performing, practising presentations and learning from Kenny Everett.

Timo Peach on presenting
We reboot the Speakery Notes podcast with the artist and composer Timo Peach

I invited Timo to the Speaker Notes Podcast because he has such a wonderfully optimistic, cheery and thoroughly cheeky approach to telling stories and presentations. Everything he makes is full of sound, music, film and text, all working together to present content and stories to a wide range of audiences. He has a skill set that makes him a great presenter, and we can learn lots and lots from him.

Who is Timo Peach? His personal passion as an arts champion and creative business encourager is to connect more of us to the possibilities found in the challenges of the 21st century – and to understand more about art’s practical magic for changing the stories we think we’re in.

Drawing on a lifetime of work as a distinctive performer, composer, designer, writer, events creative, speaker and presenter, his work helps leaders and change makers about difficult stuff with much more impact.

He is the bloke from Momo:tempo, the voice of Unsee The Future, creative director of Momo:zo, and author of the forthcoming book “UTF! How to think like an artist and change the world”, he is currently planning a tour for his one-person show “The Future is f****ed. So What?”. He is also developing “The Shape of Things To Hum – an electro cabaret musical to end the end of the world”.

He’s also a fantastic performer and a good friend of Speakery.