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Public speaking is a significant challenge for many, with 75% of Americans and 41% of Germans reporting Glossophobia, or fear of public speaking. Whether it be a pitch for a new business, an internal presentation or an international keynote in a foreign language, public speaking poses a tangible and emotional problem for millions of professionals.

My keynotes are designed to tackle this widespread issue, offering practical advice and strategies to help individuals overcome their anxieties about public speaking. Through these presentations, I aim to empower people to become confident and effective speakers, transforming their fears into strengths.



I offer three distinct keynotes available for booking at your event or conference, each meticulously crafted to explore the underlying reasons behind presentation anxiety. These keynotes are highly customisable, ensuring they align perfectly with both your organisation's specific requirements and the unique needs of your audience. 

talk 1
the speaker's mindset

9 career boosting presentation principles

discipline, focus and purpose.

"The Speaker's Mindset" distils nine key principles to dramatically enhance presentation skills, highlighting how superior public speaking benefits individuals and organisations by fostering happiness, health, and helpfulness.

This compelling talk challenges audiences to reevaluate their professional practices and ambitions, offering invaluable insights for those seeking discipline, focus, and direction in their careers.

It's an essential guide for inspiring a forward-thinking generation and workforce ready to embrace change and make a meaningful impact.


11 strategies for confidence

confidence, ownership and growth

Many refer to it as imposter syndrome, but I prefer the term "Confidence Trickster." By any name, it's time to silence the internal critics holding us back.

"End The Imposter" is a keynote that delves into the origins and effects of what's commonly known as imposter syndrome. Rather than promising a cure, this presentation introduces eleven practical strategies to mute the persistent doubts professionals face, especially during public speaking.

"End The Imposter" serves as a vital resource for those whose professional growth is stifled by self-doubt and the fear of public speaking, offering guidance towards confidence and achievement.

breaking international

how to present in a foreign language

authenticity, dedication and usefulness

Improving presentation skills becomes even more daunting when navigating the complexities of a foreign language—a challenge familiar to countless global professionals.

In the keynote "Breaking International," the audience learn how to effectively present in languages they weren't born speaking, gaining confidence and making a significant impact on their careers and the performance of your business.

Drawing from my thirty years of experience as a native English speaker presenting, pitching, and speaking in German, this talk offers authentic insights and practical advice. It's designed to empower your international teams to excel and stand out, leveraging real-world experience for real success.


👉 All three talks are available in English and German. 

👉 The talks are highly customisable.

👉 They are all available as live, hybrid and virtual formats.

👉 There are 17, 30, and 45-minute versions of all three keynotes.

👉 All talks include a 30-minute Q&A.

👉 Masterclasses for each keynote are available.

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