Speaker Training Masterclass


You want to excel at presenting. You aim to overcome impostor syndrome, succeed in pitching, and reduce the anxiety of addressing an audience. The Speakery Live Masterclass is here to help you achieve all of this.

Speakery Speaker Training Masterclass The Speakery Live Masterclass offers an innovative speaker training format tailored for groups, departments, or whole organisations. Drawing inspiration from Michael Caine's acting masterclass, Marcus John Henry Brown personally trains five corporate speakers right in front of their live peers. A real-life situation that has a positive impact on the presentation skills of all involved. 

Unique speakery training experience for Business people

Speaker Training Masterclass by Speakery and Marcus John Henry BrownInformative, effective and entertaining, this training format not only equips the presenters but also captivates their watching colleagues. Everyone, be it on or off the stage, walks away with insights to enhance their presentation skills.

It's a speaker training format that creates a unique learning experience for both the people presenting and their colleagues watching in the audience. Everybody learns something that will make them better at presenting during the masterclass.

The audience learns as much as the audience at the Speakery Speaker Training Masterclass


  • We pre-select five individuals to deliver 5-minute, business-focused presentations.
  • These speakers then showcase their ideas.
  • Post-presentation, Marcus coaches them, and you'll witness their remarkable growth in a real-world presentation scenario right before a live audience.
  • Meanwhile, the audience actively engages, deriving learnings and cheering their colleagues on stage.

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We can customise the speaker training masterclass to fit your business, team, conference, or event needs. Schedule a complementary chemistry meeting to explore further.